Custom Synthesis and Manufacture

Custom Synthesis is one of our main focuses. With our experience in the synthesis of the more than 1000 novel compounds that represent all range of structures, our teams are capable to synthesize challenging targets on small and large scale for a reasonable price and timely delivery. Our areas of expertise include low temperature oganometallic reactions, high pressure hydrogenation, asymmetric synthesis & chiral resolutions and other State of Art technologies. We are highly experienced in syntheses of various substituted pyridines, boronic acids, novel amines, indoles & azaindoles and other multi-functionalized heterocyclic compounds.

Contract Drug Discovery Research

Alchem Pharmtech , Inc offers FTE scientists (Ph.D, MS. BS-level chemists) to our customers for lead optimization, scale up synthesis and process research & development. Our hard working and experienced chemists can save your time and money and minimize the risk and costs in the early stages of research and development projects.
With our broad chemistry experience, Alchem will speed up your lead optimization process, and generate customer-desired candidates in a short period of time at low cost .

Chiral HPLC Method Development

Our analytic group offers service of Chiral HPLC methodology development to meet your need.