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We are a chemical manufacturer, and one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced and novel intermediates. Our products and services serve diverse range of industries, which features Pharma Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, Agrochemical, Environmental and Industrial Hygiene, Material Science, Life Science and Academic Research. With a team of experienced chemists, Alchem is passionate about offering the products of highest quality and receiving the fullest of customer satisfaction. In addition to our more than 20,000 in stock catalog products, we offer more than dozens of new products every month along with superior, low-cost services in custom synthesis, tolling and material sourcing. Our main product lines include aldehydes, amine, anilines, boronic acids, carboxylic acids, halides, heterocyclic compounds, imidazoles, indoles and oxindoles, ketones, nitriles, nitrobenzenes, pyridines, pyrroles, tetrahydropyrans, thiazoles, amino acids and derivatives, and nucleotides.

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